Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

The Boys from Texas

First brown

First brown

Clinton and Curtis drove up from Tx for their annual father son fly fishing trip together and their first time to the White. The had fished the San Juan, and several rivers out West over the years but high water fishing was something a little new.

Day one we fished Rim down to Buffalo City in the am, working hard for relatively few fish, but one nice 17″ bow for Curtis. After lunching under the shade trees at Ranchette we headed back to Rim, and immediately started back into some fish, with some very nice ‘bows and a good cutthroat. Along the way we met up with fellow guides Davy Wotton and Kevin Brandtonies working their fly fishers through similar areas.

White Rivr Rainbow

Clinton and a fat White River Rainbow

Thursday night we copped a huge downpour which lasted to around 11am, so we made it a half day and headed to the Dam in search of water unaffected by run off. So had every other fly guide on the river it seemed, but our first drift started a great after noon, with a 17″ brown in the boat.

The rain had basically stopped and Clinton was catching some very nice fish. Somehow Curtis, who usually ourfished his father, had developed a case of the yips and was having a hard time staying connected to fish.

Day three and with the river still cloudy it was back to the Dam. Another very good day with better than 50 fish in the boat and mix of relatively fresh stockers, coming at the bottom of every drift, and then better fish in the 16″-18″ class.

The Cutthroat

The Cutthroat

Curtis had shaken off the shanks, the sun was shining and the fish were agreeable, both guys got some nice browns.  Clinton picked up a nice cutt, of 16″ to add to the browns and ‘bows we had been getting, so there was some serious discussion of finding a brookie for a White River ‘slam.

We ran up to the Dam late to see if we could pull it off but we weren’t going to be upset by the nice 18″ ‘bow we hung first drift.

A great 3 days, guys.


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