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Elizabeth Rogers, first brown anywhere

Elizabeth Rogers, first brown anywhere


Received this batch of great photos from Elizabeth Rodgers from a morning trip onto the White earlier this summer. Elizabeth and her sister Emily joined me for a taste of high water fly fishing. Emily had caught her first fish the day before with Marc Poulos on Norfork.

Elizabeth is a friend we have fished with a few times, her significant other Chris Davis the Journal sold his first rod and guided through the learning process. The pair were also instrumental in the purchase of our home. So there was a bit on the line, especially when Elizabeth declared she wanted some real fish.

First Highwater Trout

First Highwater Trout

 Both sisters acclimatised well to the longer leaders and extra weight needed to fish the higher flows, and it wasn’t long before Emily was connected to her first White River rainbow, then her second and more

Pucker Up











Elizabeth was picking up fish as well, and connected to one small brown then a much better fish at top, which danced, and ran like it was a much bigger fish. One thing about these high water trout is their power, these fit are getting strong.

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