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Marty’s Day Out

Ant eating rainbow

Ant eating rainbow

Marty wins the 2008 smart decision away to take a personal day and head to the White just in time for low water and sensational fishing.

 Marty was a regular at the Dam Store, and a compulsive Fishpond addict. Hadn’t seen him for a while, work it seems intervened. But today Marty wandered having declared a personal day for fishing, and was I “available”. Didn’t take me long to toss together some flies he would need, throw his gear in my vehicle and head to the Dam.

This time I took my camera as I really wanted to document some changes up there. But first some fishing. 9’5x leader with 3′ of 6x a small indicator and a Mercury Black Beauty midge imitation under a teeny indicator. Had some takes but it was the time for a McLellan’s Woven Rib Rib sowbug. Now we were getting more takes but struggling to stay connected to the fish. Then came the big brown which added this fly to his personal collection.

20" rainbow on a dry

So I added of my Tailwater Soft Hackles, the brief burst of sun disappeared so switch again to a Anna K black. Now we started both getting takes and hookups. but as the day warmed the action slowed again.

My next inspiration, a bigger foam cylinder ant. It was monstered almost immediate but this 20″+ brown spat the hook. The next fish was the 20″ rainbow pictured above. And the trout just kept coming to the dries.

Fantastic afternoon, thanks Marty.

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