Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

The Jones’ on the White.

Kerry and her 17 bow

Kerry and her 17" bow

Vernon Jones has fished with me 3 years running and I always look forward to his company. He has a swag full of fishing tales from salt to fresh, a fine sense of humor, and he trusts me with his grandchildren, quite an honor, from a very experienced fly fisher.
I’ve spent 2 years with Morgan and Ian but this was my first trip with Kerrie _ it all worked out and now Vernon has another fly fishing buddy
Kerry and Vernon at the Dam

Kerry and Vernon at the Dam

Kerry had fished before on vacations up north, but this was to be her first trip, and high water on the White at that.
 We started the trip at Rim on Saturday and despite the motor issues, see below, and a late start we worked our way into fish for both Vernon and Kerry by lunchtime.
But things didn’t really heat up until we slid down to Ranchette and worked behind some islands.
But there were grins on both their faces, and the pair were trash talking each other by mid-afternoon.
Day two and we hit the Dam, the Joneses a little late courtesy of the 3-course breakfast at the Old Ferry Road B&B _ I think I’d hang around for it as well. But the fishing improved as the morning progresses and the mist lifted, no bad thing.
San Juan’s, scuds and sowbugs under long leaders have been working well and by late morning it was on fire, at times we were getting 6 or more hits on a drift, and up to 4 fish in the boat. A late lunch, during the lull, and back into more fish albeit without the frenzy of the morning. It really was a 50 to 60 fish landed day and I don’t count. And like most trips with this sort of rig you are going to miss plenty of fish and plenty are going to use that current to shed the hook.
Vernon connected to another feisty bow

Vernon connected to another feisty 'bow

Day three and where else could be go but the Dam again. Vernon was really on the job but I think Kerry was still enjoying the day before. Ive been there too, and she was missing several fish.
We also talked about small but special fish she caught the day before
A 12″ trout isn’t much to write home about _ and I would have set it free fast but for one fact _ it was a brookie, its colors lit up, and a rarity on these waters. I badly wanted a pic for Bec’s troutskin paintings but the brookie wanted to flop and flip and it was more important to get this fish back in the water
Headless brookie but its proof

Headless brookie but its proof

Whis is why this is such an ordinary pic _ the next one on the SD card was even worse just a pic of my hat as I was trying to keep this fish calm and safe.
Unfortunately it was all over too soon for all of us. But Kerry gave the best compliment for the White as a trout fishing destination late on Monday
“i don’t want to leave”
See you guys in November

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