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Low Water on The White

Low water and the fish are fat and sassy

Low water and the fish are fat and sassy

Well we have had a week of low water now courtesy of Gustav’s downpour and its been serious fun. Sorry to say we can’t predict how much long its going to continue but if you can take a personal day, a sickie however you can hit it tomorrow.

Low Water At The Dam 

Low Water At The Dam

Its been interesting to look over the changes, I was at Rim today and the most popular wading are on the river has changed a bunch. The series of “step” riffles down the left of the first island appears be somewhat levelled out. Access to the full width of the stream appears slightly limited, but on the up some the riffles and channels appear better defined.

 The weeds

The weeds

Up at the Dam I didn’t find any didymo, instead bunches of green weed, both the sticky “snot” algae and the coarser newer weed which was full of small scuds. I’d have had pics of the scuds but my fishing bag camera just couldn’t handle the small size. Yesterday Doc said he found a couple of small clumps of didy, so it probably hasn’t vanished, as much as we all hoped.

We are going to get more highwater soon, its just a matter of when. So if you can break free hit it now.

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