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Memories of Alaska


Thats my mate on the left, serious rainbow too

That's my mate on the left, serious rainbow too

In fact 7 years ago this morning, I was lying in bed in Stacy’s former cabin remembering just how many fish I’d caught the day before, when there was a knock at the door. The cabin had the only TV and we were woken with the news that an aircraft had struck the World Trade Centre.

Being stuck in a cabin on the Kenai for 10 days with no flights home, might seem a blessing for any trout bum. But even so far from Manhattan the tragedy reached out and touched us all personally. Just about everyone in our little group knew someone involved. I’d met Rob a few months before at a fly fishing striper event in NYC and struck up a friendship, we knew we would fish together somewhere. He was working in the area the first plane struck. My thoughts are with his family, his widow and child on this day.

I fell in love with Alaska on that trip, I’d probably be living there if I thought I could survive the winters. The fishing is fantastic, the scenery gorgeous, and the people are a lot of fun. I come from an isolated wilderness state too.  Out of all the places I’ve fished across the America’s Arkansas and Alaska are set apart in terms of the size of fish and the numbers of fish you can catch.

 Stacy, the hairy one on the left holding that serious rainbow, I met on a beach in Baja. It was another of those instant friendship brought about by a mutual obsession. I hate to admit it but we have kinda lost touch the past few years, just the occassional email of big fish pics, and the annual invitations to each other come and fish this year.

I keep mentioning Stacy but I should mention Fred too _ the other partner and the one  who writes the Mystic Fishing Blog. Fred too was incredibly helpful to a penniless Aussie fly fishing writer/bum. His dry sense of humor is laconic enough to be Australian.

I keep selling their services and we have sent a few people their way, with damn good reason, they very good at what they do and a lot of fun to do it with. Funny how we both ended up with blogs here on WordPress.  I’ll eventually get around to posting up my article on that trip. I just need to find that CD with all the pics.

So that picture brings back lots of memories, many very good and a few sad, and of course there is the instant recognition that Stacy and I look a whole lot bloody older!

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