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Mary K’s Big Day

MK and a fat bow

MK and a fat 'bow

I don’t know how many times in the first couple of hours Mary K uttered the word’s “i can’t catch these fish”. Well usually people don’t smile that wide when proving themselves wrong.

Mary K and husband Jack, both from Tx joined me on the White today for a half day. Jack is president of the Red River Fly Fishers and his cunning plan was to have Mary K catch a bunch of fish to spark potential future trips. Originally we had planned to hit the water early, but talking to a few colleagues like Marc P and Clint on Saturday night, the fishing was slow through the middle of the day and picked up during the afternoon. So the plan was rejigged to hit the Dam late.

The boys were right, it was pretty slow, maybe a take every drift. But while Jack tied to some fish, Mary K was having a tough time with the long leader and indicators we were using. Not so much the fishing, but making that connection between a diving indicator and the physical acts which have to follow. Since the fishing was patchy she also wasn’t getting as much practice as normal to get a feel for it.

So the learning curve was a little slow step by step we got there. Then she got it all together with the fish above. A little over 18″ what the pictures don’t show how fat this fish was, belly packed full of food. Jack was also briefly connected to a real finger burning trout, watching the rod tip it was making those distinctively slow deep bangs of a quality fish. I really thought this fish was solidy hooked but we came unbuttoned

Another nice bow

Another nice 'bow

We slid over onto a different drift line a bigger fly and bang bang Mary K was hooked up again, and again, and again all over 16″ and fat strong fish.

A great afternoon.






I switched it to a midday start so

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