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Streamer Time

Streamer Eating Brown

Streamer Eating Brown

Little break from guiding what with the Conclave, orders in the shop to do and finally a weekend with the family. I’ve been on the water the past two Monday’s tossing streamers with friends. Its a fun way to fish and there is nothing like watching fish come an monster that fly.

I should have taken more photos Monday, but I was low on batteries and kept waiting for a pig to eat. But for whatever reason we couldn’t find one. I was out with one of our regular customers Jeff and his plug tossing buddy Larry. This pair have fished together a long time, its obvious in their rapport, but fishing bass tournaments.

 Jeff is returning to the way of the long rod and favors streamers but Larry tosses big stickbaits on 4lb test. These guys have kept racking up big numbers of large (20″+ browns) and decent trout all summer on this high water. To be honest I wanted to know how they where doing it and where _ plus they are good entertainment, you need a sense of humor to be running a bass boat with a 225hp motor, through some of the water they run and the looks they get.

Bass boats aren’t favored on the White, for a while I felt I should be hiding as we came up on other boats, but they are a pretty decent fly fishing platform on high water. And in the hands of a sensible driver respectful of other boaters on the river, no problems for anyone else.

But the real secret about these two and their success rate really isn’t a secret. They fish hard and long, make lots of casts to the right sort of places and they catch fish. It was very interesting standing at the shoulder of an accomplished spin fisher work that big bait, probably 5″. Larry was using lots of motion, darting the lure side to side at least 2′, way more than we were accomplishing with flies and fishing it a lot faster.

 Jeff, from his usual post on the rear deck had picked  up, earlier how Larry was fishing and combined it with a little Kelly Galloup strip and jerk to give his fly more action through the water. At times this was very effective. Since I was in the middle I was mostly limited on my angle of casting to straight to the bank and mixing my retrieves.

Monday wasn’t a big fish day, through Larry had a couple come to his plug and I saw a nice brown over 20″ climb all over my fly without hooking up. It was that kind of day. Lots of short strikes. But sometime you learn more watching and listening and not catching fish than you do by hammering them.

 Lots of fun guys. Thanks for the trip.

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