Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Fall colors and Fat Fish

Skip and a hefty White River Rainbow

Skip and a hefty White River Rainbow

I spent the past 2 days on the White River, and contrary to reports, the fishing was a lot of fun. It was certainly a lot better than I was expecting too, what with the low DO levels and high water temps. Perhaps it was the cool change, perhaps karma, all that really matters is you are having fun.

The average fish size wasn’t as good as a month ago but as you can see from the pic above there are some vey well conditioned fish eating. Skip, the guy holding the fish, was one of a crew brought in by our mate Chris. Chris loves his fly fishing and figures a day on the White, good food and fun is a great way to entertain his customers.

The fog made for a very Gothic morning, but there was enough activity to keep up entertained, particularly after the sun burnt through. Paul, Skip’s colleague broke through for his first White River trout on fly and away we went.

Switching flies and zones was the key and a good morning was had before we slid down to Ranchette to meet up with Kevin Brandtonies who was guiding Chris and Ernie. Kevin had been hitting fish along the treelines so we tried the same thing, but perhaps we should have had a snooze instead after lunch, as we only picked up a couple of fish and about every possible obstruction on the bottom.

Fall Colors starting to show on a beautiful fall day

Fall Colors starting to show on a beautiful fall day

 We bounced our way down to Buffalo Shoal in hope of finding some fish, but to no avail. Back to Rim where things picked up. Small fish on the first couple of drifts, then a couple a little better and than we started connecting with a couple of very good fish, on the last drift but both came unbuttoned in the heavy current.

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