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They Grow Up So Fast

Emily _ steelheadEmily _ steelhead click for larger pic


I guess its the lot of parents, teachers and ageing fly fishing guides. You watch them start out on the path, all wide eyed and innocent, sponges for information. Then they grow up fast.

I received this pic from my Cincinnati mate Ted Grossman. I known Ted since a great trip several years ago when I was guiding on the uppermost tailwaters of the White, and we have stayed in touch since then. Three kids, two adults, two guides and a whole bunch of fun.

Emilys first rainbow

Emily’s first rainbow

I got the kids the first morning, it didn’t take long for Em to catch her first wild rainbow, learning the craft. The guide learnt to retie leaders faster than ever before. The two days went way too fast a firm friendships were made.

Then Ted sends me the pic of Emily’s steelhead taken this year on trip to Oregon. That is one hell of a fish from that tight water. Wish I’d been there to watch it. Thanks to you both


Emily on that first trip

Emily on that first trip

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