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The Rain Has Gone.


Rainy Day Brown

Rainy Day Brown

 THIS Entry deserves a little musical accompaniment. Jeff Hearn mightn’t have said exactly that the rain was gone, but that was his intent. I think he was keen to fish.

Since Jeff was an hour or so west, he figured the rain was done, and the radar was showing nothing to disssuade him. Looking our my kitchen window over Mountain Home such a forecast seemed remote. The leaden skies had a permanent feel to them, which made the couch, coffee a newspaper and ESPN seem a lot more attractive. Remember it was only Monday I was on the river in a downpour.

  This was a friendly trip, Jeff has been taking me bass fishing on the lake, and we have a shared passion for streamers. Of course the weather suckered us both, clearing a little before settling into a bonesoaking drizzle just as we left the ramp at Wildcat.

The White was only running around 1 unit, way lower than Monday and way less than I would normally like, but perhaps the gloom would help us. As it turned out yes, but perhaps more so was a 6″ rise in flow.

Lots of chasers yesterday but theywere a little kittenish with the bigger streamers. Jeff throwing smaller stuff picked up his first White River Grand Slam, and promptly return to big fish flies. And withing a few hundred yards had the fish of the day on. Fly of choice a Rainy’s Carp Sculpin on  an SA Streamer Express 24′ sink tip type 6.

Jeff and his 21 brown

Jeff and his 21" brown

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