Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Speaking In Kansas City

IT’S back to Kansas City next week, when I return to the Heart of America Fly Fishers for a presentation on The White River _ Better Than Ever?

Its been 2 0R 3 years since I made the drive north, with laptop and a laser pointer as the featured speaker. But we see a lot of these guys down here. And John Bell, my original contact and a great guy, keeps sending me cool pics from his fly fishing travels.

I’ve done a bit of speaking in my travels across the US, any of who know me would understand I’m not often short of a word. And I really like the opportunity to get out and about and spread the good word on the White River, Norfork and  my home waters in Tasmania. Quite often I bring along my wife Bec as translator. If your club or event is looking for a speaker you can can get in tough through our Contact Page.

I can also do fly tying demonstrations, casting demos, whatever your club or event needs.

Anyway if you happen to be in the Kansas City area early next week come along, the HOAFF guys are good people and will welcome new folk to the folk. Click here for meeting details

Doing the biz on a Bass Pro Tank

Doing the biz on a Bass Pro Tank

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