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The Two Rons

Ron Weindorf and a nice Bull Shoals Bow

Ron Weindorf and a nice Bull Shoals Bow

Sunday June 7 _ The two Ron’s Ron C. and Ron W. couldn’t have timed a trip on the White better. Low water was guaranteed from 5am to midday to allow the Casting For Recovery program to go ahead.
Last year, I was able to sneak in some relatively uncrowded fishing on these conditions but this year the word was out.
Ron C into a fish

Ron C into a fish

So I got the guys to the shop early and we headed for the Dew Eddy to Cane Island stretch, or as its often known Newland’s Hole, using the boat to access the Marion County bank. Fish were rising early, probably taking midge emergers but also some of the sulphur duns which were beginning to show even by 8am.
Neither of the guys had indicato nymphed before but they were quickly into a groove, extending their drifts and catching fish. We picked up a few on midge nymphs, some on dries, a few on sulphur soft hackles and a whole bunch on Flashback Pheasant Tails. It was crazy good and i hate to think how many fishd these two caught.
Ron C and a spectacularly colored rainbow from the office

Ron C and a spectacularly colored rainbow from the office

We lunched as the water came up then threaded our way up through the mist to “the office”, below the Bull Shoals Dam. Ron C had a pink worm bit on the first drift then that scruffy UV Sowbug Ive been fishing for the last year picked up one of Ron W’s best ever rainbows.
Memories for the Album

Memories for the Album

We were catching fish but the storm cells which had threaded through perhaps had messed with the fishing a tad. It wasn’t as fast and furious as we have had in the office but the fish were solid and fought hard, and brilliantly colored.
There was even plenty of humor when Ron W’ stuck RonC’s cap with a worm. A great day guys.
San Juans will catch anything

San Juan's will catch anything

One response

  1. Dick Johnson

    Ron W., very nice fish. You were telling me about these and you are right….they are nice! You are one hell of a fisherman and a good friend. You’re lucky to have freinds to take you fishing and put you on the critters…….like I do. 🙂


    June 21, 2009 at 8:56 pm

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