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Big Brown in the Fog

Joeys hard work paid off

Joey's hard work paid off

GETTING on the water, opening the throttle and getting a cool breeze going was bliss after the day Joey Pucket and I had had. We almost would have been happy simply riding around but we wanted a fish or two, preferably brown and preferably big.

Joey and his offsider Chris, had offered to help move a bunch of icestorm debris we had stacked up our driveway. Of course we had to do it when the temperature was in the 80s and humid, not cool spring days, so from 10 till about 2 we filled trailers to the brim with limbs and logs and the boys carted them off.

I fish with Joey a fair bit anyway, but for giving up his day off to help Bec and I out, I really wanted to get him into a nice fish.  Chris wasn’t a fisherman or I’d have had him in the boat too.

The flow had been bumped to 10,000 cfs, and it was guaranteed to be dirty and trashy but I’d pulled fish last week in similar water, and we both were going to fish late. Low light periods are feeding time for any predator and browns are no different. Browns definately go to shallow feeding zones in dull light.

We bounced from spot to spot early for only the odd bump, and strangely not even a follow in otherwise reliable spots, but the flows had been up and down all day and the sun was still bright.

I made a rookie mistake in the rush to get ready, grabbing my largemouth box not my streamer box, so my usual assortment was lacking, instead I was staring at a selection of poppers and divers.

Yep it ate a Whistler

Yep it ate a Whistler

The only thing I had available of any possibility was a Dan Blanton Flashtail Whistler which is a fishcatcher in the salt but didn’t exactly fill me with confidence in this situation, until it started getting whacked hard as the sun fell and we got a little rise in water. I suggested to Joey to switch to a brown/yellow color combination on his articulated marabou beast.

Now we were both getting swipes and follows, the fish weren’t switched on to the extent of the crushing head kills but we were getting the territorial swipes. Joey missed a good fish on one run, the next trip hooked this dancing, jumping 22″ brown with some serious shoulders. The photos do not show how thick this fish was through the shoulders.

I know I was stoked he caught this fish, he was pretty excited, excited enough to do the Joey Puckett big fish dance _ you will be thankful I don’t have photos of that

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