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Spring Creeking in Missouri

Brians Big Bow

Bryan's Big Bow

Bruce, Bryan and Pete were on a short leave pass, from Bryan’s 10th anniversary celebration, so meeting the guys across the border meant more fishing time and less driving.

Bryan and Pete I’d guided about 18 months ago on Norfork, but Bruce was a newcomer, having taken his first fly fishing trip a little over a month ago. But the poor fella is seriously addicted already and hence is learning superfast.

The further north I drove the worse the weather looked, but to be honest on the clear spring creek waters of Rockbridge a cloudy day is a plus. Mind you we could have done without the thunder and lightning in early afternoon

Bruce and another slab rainbow

Bruce and another slab rainbow

There are few dinks floating around in this creek, most of the fish go in in the high teens and are deep bodied, but Brian did pick off what had to be either a wild fish or an escapee fry which grew to its 6″ length, full finned and gorgeous.

All the boys did well, mostly midging, Bruce picking off some fish with a rhycophilia pattern, we had a few eats on top but mostly we fished zebra midges. Pete despite not having waved a rod for so long had the hot hand early, despite spending plenty of time in the trees and some trash talking from Bruce. He almost finished the day in a blaze of glory on a hawg rainbow which might have been the fish of the day if we had a chance to measure it, but it snapped 4x tippet with a brutal headshake.

Bruce warmed to the talk after some early jitters, I think he wanted a fish sooooo bad he was a little over eager on the takes, but once he mellowed he got into some really nice fish. I’m awaiting photos of his best fish. He also came good under pressure from the others late in the day when he manage to complete a triple hookup with a really nice trout just over 20″ 

Bryan got off to a slow start, much to everyone’s amusement by catching bluegill then a chub, then it was off to a conference call. But he redeemed himself with several nice fish, including the 24″ hawg at the top which weighed 6.5lb in my net

Pete and a nice bow. I still dont have pics of his biggest fish yet

Pete and a nice 'bow. I don't have pics of his biggest fish yet

Putting it simply we smacked ’em Its simple wading, the fishing is highly entertaining and offers wading opportunities 365 days a year. We also reckon there is going to be some outstanding hopper fishing over the next two months.

If you want to join me for a trip across the Border give me a call or email. I definately thinks the boys will be back, probably with their wives next time, to enjoy Rockbridge’s cabins, fishing, dining and shooting.

Another shot of Brians 24 6.5;b rainbow

Another shot of Brians 24" 6.5;b rainbow

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