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Kaenon Kore Review

Kaeonon Kore _ Sunset at Wildcat

Kaeonon Kore _ Sunset at Wildcat

IF the topic of polarised sunglasses has ever come up in conversation, you have probably heard me grouching over the lack of choices for those of us with less than 20/20 vision. If you are one of us and are serious about your sightfishing then you have heard many time sunglass retailers and optometrists etc telling you “Oh no that frame doesn’t come in Rx. We can’t do wraps like that”.

Thank the Good Lord for Kaenon putting it on the line and making 8.8 base wraps like my new Kaenon Kore in prescription. I have to thank Arty Hargrove and Jon Sherrell at Kaenon who got me sorted. My opinion guys: After a couple of weeks wearing these in a variety of conditions from bright sun to cloudy rain, these are the best glasses I have had in 15 years of serious sight fishing and I’ve had a few pairs.

I keep telling people too that sightfishing in Tasmania is a religion. It is taken way way more seriously at home, hence your average punter is more oriented to good glasses and there are some very good glasses out there. But I have issues with fit in a lot of models. The fit is excellent and even better for any White River fly fisher _ these DO NOT FOG, even running around at Widcat last night when the mist rolled in thick _ that warm/cold air mix usually plays havoc with any sorts of glasses even my standard Rx.

I chose the Kore for the fit, but a few of the guys in the shop were ribbing me about the size of the lens I picked, the large. Well honestly guys if I was going for looks alone I would have picked the standard Kore lens _ or one of the wire models which are trick. But these are fishing glasses, its how I make my living, and the large lens to me means a wider field of view without moving my head, plus less chance of light bouncing off my cheeks.

As Ive written in sightfishing articles before _ get the best fit and field of view in your fishing glasses, save the pretty ones for the beer garden on the way home.

I also ordered the darkest lens the Copper12, for most of my White River guiding is the best choice. Down the road I’m going to add a light Copper 28 or 50 I think for early and late fishing, plus those dark winter days. The Copper 28 would be my choice if you were fishing a lot of dappled light on small creeks etc. Yeh sorry if you fish seriously in a variety of conditions you need more than one pair. Though I have to say I was surprised how long I kept the Kore on last night in quite dark conditions.

The lenses are thicker than standard, to accomodate my prescription, but while these would be absolute clunkers in glass, Kaenon’s SR91 proprietary lens material allows these to still be relatively light. Again They DON’T FOG. If you don’t fish the White you don’t know how much of an issue this is all summer.

Now I have buds here who will quote optometrists and say expensive glasses is all a scam. Sorry I know I can see more fish in good glasses, I read the signs better.

There are a lot of misnomers about spotting fish, polarised glasses won’t make every fish leap out at you, like those silly mirrors in shops. Rather they cut the glare, allowing you to read the subtle signals _ a white mouth, a moving shadow, a flick of a tail _ amongst the background clutter. You have to train your brain to recognise what is out of place among the moving water, weeds and more and to beat the fish’s camouflage.

I had actually thought I was losing my edge, over the past few months, when fishermen in my boat were spotting stuff ahead of me.  My old glasses were scratched to hell and the prescription was a little too old plus they fogged badly. I bought a pair of prescriptions from Fisherman’s Eyewear, and they are fine for the money. But seriously you get what you pay for.

 And to quote Randy Quaid in Independance Day “Hello boys, I’m back” thanks to the Kaenon’s.

I know Im picking up stuff faster, the clarity is excellent, even on relatively cloudy days. At Rockbridge recently, I kept wearing them even through a major thunderstorm and helped me put my guys onto some big ‘bows. During the last shot at low water on the White they were phenomenal and very good on the high water. 

Bottom line, yep we might sell Kaenon’s at the Shop along with Costa Del Mar, but if they weren’t this good I’d be wearing something else. Yep I think its that important.

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