Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Texans come to play

I had two Texans Nathan and his son Nolan on the water yesterday, for Nathan’s first time fly fishing. Nolan, who is 6, had been with Clint Wilkinson’s wife Danielle for his first fly rod outing on Dry Run Creek the previous day. Nolan is a great kid with a serious passion for the outdoors, he’s got a super-inquisitive nature, and he’s going to be a redhot hunter/fisher but the time he gets old and gray like myself.

Nathan picked it up incredibly easily, so much so it wasn’t till mid-afternoon I even realised it was his first time, I thought he’s been fly fishing for a couple of years.

I’ll just say we do have a bunch of photos to llustrate this report but they are all on Nathan’s camera since some bozo, after recharging his camera batteries managed to leave the camera on draining them completely. Nathan will be sending pics. 

With the lower water we were fishing Davy Wotton Midges all morning, just like wade fishing, with minimum of extra weight and small Thingamabobber indicators, picking up a bunch of  nice rainbows including one 16″ pig which was almost round. As we say in Australia he’d been in a “good paddock”. I think nathan appreciated the ease of the rig to cast and reconised the efficiency of the extra long drift we were achieving from the boat.

After lunch the water came higher meaning a rerig with longer leaders, more weight and a switch some attractor patterns. First off was a RubberLegs, which was promptly claimed by a very nice fish. This pattern, a western staple and introduced to me by our mate on the North Fork of the White Brian Wise, Ive been dabbling with for a bit and its been a good producer on the moderate flows. Another one for the list of flies I have to tie.

A switch to PuffBall Eggs was a winner, and down quiet bank, usually tended by bait guides rather than fly fishers, Nathan fooled a seriously big brown. I had one glimpse of this fish as it seized a moment of slack, that one second of inexperience, in otherwise a great job all day by Nathan, and shook its head and bang it was gone. It had to be 21″+ a nice trophy but White River browns learn quickly how to dispense on their way to getting big.

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