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In Praise of the Farm Pond – Photo Essay

I CAN’T think of a more quintessential mid-west fly fishing experience than a truck, a cooler, some poppers and a farm pond. To the fevered imagination of this Aussie its about as American as a drift boats, cowboys hats, cutthroats and the Rockies.

Perhaps its just John Gierach’s reveries on the subject that make me think that way. But on the other hand there is a certain goodfiness about leaving high faluting trout water, just to go screwing around in dirty brown water after lowbrow species.

Strip off the pretentions along with your vented multi-pocketed tech-shirts, your lanyards and tech vests, leave the goretex and polartec at home. Pull on a t-shirt,  turn up a country station loud, slide into some flip flops, get some cowshit between your toes.

 A pocket full of poppers and a handful of Clousers, a spool of tippet and some nippers and pliers and your good to go.

It had been a while since I’d done the farm pond thing, and I needed the change. We’d had to put off invitation after invitation from Joey all summer, not any longer. This was a family outing as it should be, with Bec, Crystal and Lynsey along for the fun.

Click on the pics for larger views.


Farm pond fun _ hybrid bluegill

Farm pond fun _ hybrid bluegill


Musical accompaniment

Joey and the girls playing with the locals

Joey and the girls playing with the locals


Meet some largemouth

Meet some largemouth


Country views

Country views


More bass

More bass

Lynsey and a friend

Lynsey and a friend

3 responses

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  2. Steve

    When a bluegill gets a bump on it’s head as that one has it is approaching “magnum” status. That is a beauty. Super fish on a popper.


    August 15, 2009 at 6:32 pm

  3. Tom Abbott

    I Love farm ponds. If I knew how to attach some pictures I show you how I test a 5 wt. rod using the 12-16lb catfish that will take a Hare’s ear in our pond, no to mention the bass that can’t pass up the bluegills as we bring them. The pond is full hand size bluegills and teh bass just can’t belive their luck when they find one not out dodging them. I’ve also tied a fly that looks like a piece of fish food that teh tilipia will take. We’re up to about 8-12/lbs on them so far. Keep up the good work. Tom

    August 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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