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Help Get the Norfork C+R Extended

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will decide September 24 on whether to expand the Norfork Tailwater Trophy Zone to 2.6 miles or 2 miles.

The AGFC proposal, developed by the river advisory commission with fisheries biologists, seemed to be rolling along swimmingly, until a couple of resort owners with the support of the Norfork and Salesville City Councils opposed the extension. That opposition is now trying to block any extension of the Trophy Zone at all

To our way of thinking returning the Norfork to a quality fishery with the type of trophy trout it was producing until only a couple of years ago will benefit all businesses on the Nofork River, and the local economy. Read more here in the Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter

We would urge everyone to take the time to support the 2.6 mile extension by writing in support to:

Letters can be sent to North Fork Trout, Fisheries Division, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, 2 Natural Resources Drive, Little Rock, AR 72205. Comments can also be e-mailed to Jeffrey S. Williams, trout management supervisor, at or

Its probabloy also worthwhile sending letters to all commissioners. Click here for a list of Commission Names, Emails and Addresses.


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