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After The Fishing – New Restaurants


One nice surprise if you are coming back to Mountain Home this year is two very nice new restaurants, that have  had a few visits from Bec and myself over the last few months.

First off is a step up in dining for the area, a restaurant you might expect in a larger centre, Me On The Square. Chef John Sutton is doing some pretty cool things in a spiffy setting right on the Town Square in the heart of Mountain Home.

The decor is is a well executed interpretation of whatI could call bordello chic, dark, rich deep hues of burgundy and gold, high booths for private conversations, low candles  it all goes together to make the dining experience more unique than the in and out cattle class of the chains.

Chef John owns up to liking a mix of cuisines and it shows, We snapped up Thai lettuce rolls for appetiser, well executed though a couple  more lettuce leaves and some real Thai chillies would have helped for me, but I was spoilt with my Thai food education, but Bec enjoyed them as well on her first taste.

It was a cold night so the meaty goodness of a beef ragu with pappardelle pasta was impossible for me to resist, I have a serious weakness for mediterranean peasant cooking in the winter months which inevitably shows on my  waistline. Bec had the flown in Alaskan halibut which had a price to match (it pays to ask market prices unless you want sticker shock) but was enjoyable.

They also have a great looking menu for sunday brunch something we are going to try shortly and a very comfortable cocktail bar. Really nice for a special night out.

 Something, that for an Aussie who grew up on the scent of the salt and daily fresh seafood, seems a little unbelievable is a good sushi house in Mountain Home. The Bamboo Garden Restaurant added a sushi bar last year, and I have to say I was pretty sceptical, but I was wrong

Its very good, reasonably priced and pretty innovative. The sashimi and nigiri are very good, especially for the distance we are from the ocean. But the highlight for me at least are the make rolls, normally something I’m very picky about.

I particularly like the tuna wrapped spicy tuna roll, the spider roll and the rainbow roll.

The sushi bar also has a number of dishes designed to bring those who might turn their nose up at raw fish, manna from heaven to sushi addicts like us, into the fold, featuring fried or cooked shrimp in place of the fish component. Normally I’d give these a quick bypass but they sounded good, and the only reason I didn’t order a couple was the fact Bec is allergic to shrimp.

The Bamboo Garden is located at 332 E 9th St in Mountain Home.

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