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Wading Norfork Again



WELL it was good to be back wading on the ‘Fork today, like meeting an long-lost old friend. I think this was my first trip to Norfork in 14 months. Yep the White has been that good. 

But yes the same old stuff still works, midges, sowbugs and soft hackles were my choice. The water was a little cloudy courtesy of Sunday’s rain but it was good fun to be back with the water around the legs and a light rod in the hand, despite the wind. 

Winter Cutthroat on Norfork



Looks like we will be having some wadeable water for a bit on Norfork, barring heavy rains, particularly if the weather warms. Though the telephone number wasn’t particularly helpful, broadcasting all afternoon that they were running 2 units, while the water fell out to zero generation levels. If they keep this up you really do need to keep an eye on the water levels while fishing. As much of a pleasant surprise was low water, high water arriving unannounced whilst you are fishing is a nasty one. Still it was fun catching some fish standing on something other than fibreglass for a while 

About 20% were fresh silvery stockers, the remainder were bright cutts and ‘bows just right for testing some new boundaries with my recently upgraded camera. Hope you enjoy the pics. 

Cutthroat Fin Underwater




Rainbow Hues Underwater

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