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Junior’s Monster Brown


Junior and That Fish

I had an email land in my inbox this week from my old stomping grounds on the Beaver Tailwater of an absolute hawg of a brown.

Nope it wasn’t a fly rod capture but its one of the most strikingly beautiful monster fish I’ve seen in a long time.

Junior Mullins, the son of my colleague and Beaver guide Lisa, bagged this 33″ long, 23″ girth brown on a jig while fishing for walleye. Lacking a net he was forced to lip the fish, tearing his thumb up pretty nicely. Big wraps for Junior for releasing this fish.

Beaver isn’t well known for fish like this, but it always held a few. In fact tucked away from view, but yet within a stone’s throw of one of the most popular fishing spots you could almost always find 2 or 3 big fish laid up on the bottom. BTW I’m not too concerned about hot spotting these fish, apparently their sanctuary was lost during the flood in ’08 and is now under 2′ of gravel.  But then to reach them required a long cast, and get your fly to the right depth was almost impossible because of the current and accessibility. To compound the problem inevitablely when the fish were in this spot they were absolutely not feeding.

I and a few others worked these fish quite a bit, even at night, and finally decided they were only catchable when they weren’t in this quiet spot, their sanctuary, instead when they were activelyhunting usually on overcast days or at night.

Often these fish would take when you weren’t quite set. I lost one one morning when I felt some serious weight but my frozen right hand refused to open fast enough to let the line slide. I’d misjudged the temperature and was fishing without gloves.

One response

  1. That`s my BOY!!!

    I was there to take the pic…… it was a fish of a life time.
    It was bigger that the picture shows…… I`m so proud of him for letting it go.
    I had seen it 8 days after he had caught it. Just hangin out!

    June 14, 2010 at 11:14 am

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