Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Caddis Continues

Brown Trout on The White

SNUCK out between chores on some low water and the Caddis were crazy good again. And half the people coming into the shop have been trying to tell me that the caddis are done. No they aren’t as thick as a couple of weeks back but that just makes it all the better. Dry fly magic indeed.

I was supposed to be guiding an old friend for the first time on Monday, but with the hideous weather forecast, they postponed. I knew today was going to be good, unfortunately they had other commitments, but I didn’t know how good.

I managed to fool that big brown I fluffed last week, somewhere over 20″ or thereabouts, another couple of browns just at the 20″ mark and a 19″ cutt, plus a bunch of smaller browns, rainbows and cutts in the mid to high teens, who were jumping all over the flies I was trying to feed to the browns.

The craziest thing there was just myself and one other guy, a local Bob Jensen, on the water on one of the more popular shoals. Up above the shoal my mate Davy Wotton was guiding a couple of people, he told me tonight they fished dries all day and both got grand slams.

Enjoy the pictures, best I could do by myself.


Been a while since I landed a cutty this nice

Another nice brown

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