Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Low Water Browns

Jeff Hearn with a nice low water brown trout

SOME days its just enough to share some water time with good friends, sunny skies and some hungry fish.

Yesterday I was even luckier though it didn’t start out that way.

Another successful release

Misty Morning on the White

Madison the lab x terrorist dragged me from bed with a 3.30am alarm call, by the time we finished the lap of the house I was well and truly awake. Coffee and bashing away at my column for Flylife magazine ensured further sleep wasn’t an option. The water was off so I went fishing, handy when you live 20 minutes from one of the world’s finest trout fisheries.

Misty mornings are a feature of White River summers, and the cool was a nice change. There wasn’t a great deal of surface activity, but fishing the seams ledges and drop offs delivered fish. Jeff “Shooter” Hearn rang in to confirm our meeting times_  carrying a cell phone while fishing is an anathema to many, but here on the White it is almost a must to keep track of generation changes.

Another early morning brown

The plan was a drift boat float on low water with an eye to finding some better fish and tapping into some lesser fish zones of the river at these levels. There are places you just cant get up and down in a jon boat but the Clacka is a nice way to travel. We will be offering these low water floats when conditions suit.

We were both exploring water that is very familiar on higher flows, but new to us on low water. Along the way we bumped into a bunch of trout and two good friends, fellow guides Ron Yarborough (playing like us) and Mike McLellan from fayetteville who was on the job  floating a couple of fly fishers from North West Arkansas.

Every so often we would hopscotch each other, usually to some mild humor. The sulphurs have gone, though a mayfly imitation, or a midge or a sowbug is pretty good on the drift. But the fish are still surface oriented and you’ll be surprised how many take you will get on attractor dries like Chernobyl Ants or indeed a hopper.

But you will still catch more, and for now, better fish sub surface as Jeff proved nymphing his thick 20″ brown from a faster run.

What a great day on the White, and some fun memories.

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