Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

A Day On Dry Run

Lynsey hooked up and Nate taking pics _ Rabecca Dally image

THE day after Christmas I had a buddy in town, Nate Horn from Mississipi, but was rostered in the fly shop. Nate had heard the tales of Dry Run Creek, and negotiated with our youngest Lynsey to be his entre into this fantastic under-16 fishery.

Nate’s something of a favorite of the girls, which is how he was able to get Lynsey into those way too big waders. It was pretty chilly which is why everyone looks like the little brother in “A Christmas Story”. But here’s a pictorial of Nate and my wife Bec’s photos so you can share in the fun. I wish I’d been able to be there.

A nice chunky brown in the net _ Nate Horn image


Mother and daughter on the Creek _ Nate Horn image

Rainbow in the hand _ Nate Horn pic

Another nice colored up rainbow _ Nate Horn image


Underwater brown _ Rabecca Dally pic

A Dry Run pig



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