Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Cadion Midge

From the vise of my old mate Bryce Cadion is this zebra variant, which comes in 2 basic forms, UTC brown olive thread with different wire ribbing and the Blue Dun thread version, which is a killer. Bryce also evolved a no-nonsense formula for his midges, which is easily replicated for consistancy. You can apply this thinking to other midges to ensure they are as close to identical as is humanly possible.

But what really counts is that the White River Trout really like them. Ingredients after the jump.

Hook: TMC 2487 #14-#20. Most commonly 16.

Bead: 5/64 for the #16s, 1/16th for the smaller sizes.

Gold for the Brown/Olive thread versions

Silver for the Blue Dun

Thread: Wapsi’s UTC 140 thread for 16s; UTC 70 for the smaller flies. Blue Dun or Brown Olive.

Rib:  Wapsi’s Ultra Wire Brassie size on the 16s and Small on the teeny midges.

Silver wire on the Blue Dun version. Best colors on the Brown Olive are red; metallic green and wine.

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