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Tailwater Soft Hackle

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This fly has been good to me since I started tying it about 5 years ago. I really had little experience of soft hackles until my second guide trip, and that really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

The first versions of this fly were really pretty scrappy, since I hadn’t mastered the balance of body thorax and hackle, I simply left out the hackle. Originally I used Brassie sized wire on the 14s and small on the 16s which meant it sank fast and caught bunches of fish.

I then started selling the fly through the Beaver Dam Store, by that time with the prism dub thorax you will see today. But it really wasn’t until I got my mate and wet fly guru Davy Wotton and his tyer, Teresa Van Winkle involved, that this became a truly pretty tie. Definately forced me to lift my own game to keep up so thanks guys.
The Red/Yellow was my first combination but the Green/Yellow I probably fish more often in this area. Copper/Dark Copper looks great, Black and Silver is traditional, Red/Blue can work well, and of course, Bec’s Tailwater Soft Hackle which has a fluorescent pink body, and electric blue Prism Dub thorax. This really works on bright sunny days.

Hook: TMC 102Y or wetfly hook 14- 16- 18
Thread: UTC 70 color to suit
Body: 2 strands of small Ultra Wire.
Thorax: Davy Wotton Prism Dub peacock.
Hackle: Partridge

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