Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

The Dame Streamer

The Dame streamer series came about my first few months in Arkansas, when Todd Moncrieff and Michael McLellan of McLellan’s Fly Shop in Fayetteville introduced me to “Ozark Coho”, the spawning runs of white bass.

I’d been toying in my mind about a rabbit hair streamer, which would have the bulk of a Double Bunny and more lateral movement. Well what I came up with didn’t quite have the bulk but the movement was quite impressive. I also was pondering a wider profile to imitate a sculpin, so poaching Scott Sanchez’s heart shaped bead idea off his original Bunnies I grabbed some beads, but rotated them 90 degrees.

Tying the first one I really wanted to build in some triggers, movement was easy with the rabbit and some flash but I also wanted a lateral line, gill color and definately eyes. The fly proved popular with the White Bass, Kentuckies and even a smallie or two and one night a decent wiper.

Local drift boat guide Ken Richards, after a freebie sample, got me to tie some for him. One got given away and then I had a report that a 7lb largemouth had been caught on it from Lake Fork.

I fish this off floating and sinking lines, for bass the trick is to fish it slow to get max wiggles in the tail. I have tried mixing up my retrieves on troutbut generally the longer it is in front of their face the better.

One key to this fly is the fact it sinks flat not nose first.


Ive played with various color combinations over the years. Here are my favorites:

Natural Rabbit/White: A classic and pretty good imitation for Creek minnows

Olive/White: great for salt or fresh.

Chartruese/White: If it ain’t Char………

Fire Tiger (Chart over Orange with marker stripes): This one was a lot of fun, think stained water situations.

Grey/White: Think Shad.

All White: Very effective.

Chart/Yellow: Originally tied for walleye, still haven’t caught one on it, but this had been good on smallies.

Brown/Yellow: Baby brown trout, fall special.

Nighttime: Get lumo beads and lumo flash. Works a treat.

Hook: Streamer or Saltwater hook. I use a TMC 9394.

Head: Heart shaped Pony Bead.

Eyes: Dome shaped holographic.

Thread: monofilament

Gills: 1/2 strand fl. red egg yarn.

Lateral Line: Grizzly Accent Black/Silver.

Wing: Rabbit Zonker

Belly: Rabbit cross cut.

Overwing: Krystal Flash

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