Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

The Ruby Midge

Fayetteville tyer David Knowles Ruby Midge has been a longstanding favorite of mine, particularly in the winter months. But as my mate Clay Henry will attest its no slouch the rest of the year as well. We give Clay a hard time over fishing the Ruby Midge “all the time” vut his variant works well on the  White and Norfork.

I tweaked it a little when I was tying for the Dam Store and there are quite a few other variations around. Some use wire to replace thread as the rib, there are variants in the bead colors, but this video is true to the pattern as shown to me.

Hook:  TMC 900BL 16-18-20

Bead: Black Nickel 5/64 or 1/16

Thread: UTC Black 70

Body: Wapsi Firefly Red

Rib: UTC Black 140 untwisted and tied flat

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