Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Dry Run Creek

Dry Run Creek  is without equal as a kid’s fishery anywhere in the world. Small and shallow its ideally suited for short casts to fish you can see, (for the older kids), but still has plenty of 16″-18″ fish for the younger kids or first timers.

Seriously the biggest issue here isn’t teaching kids how to catch fish but rather how to land the big fish. And some days you need plenty of luck. Make sure your camera battery is fully charged and your card had plenty of space. We love guiding here as much as the kids love fishing it.

My stepdaughter Lynsey with a deep deep brown of 21"


Spot the fish behind Mr Alex here, there are several fish anyone would be proud to catch



This one will be hard to top: 34" 'bow with Levi Lenard Christmas 2005


Dry Run Creek Brown

Thanksgiving Brown

22 rainbow

22" rainbow

Derrick and Lynsey

Derrick and Lynsey

Bent Rod

Lynsey Graham

Lynsey Graham, 24" bow

Lynsey Graham

Lynsey Graham

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