Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

About Our Guide Services


Jeff Hearn from Harrison with a streamer caught brown May '09

WE like big smiles. Smiling fly fishers at the end of the day is what its all about.

Whether its your biggest fish or your first fish, we aim to make the experience both memorable and fun. Whether you are chasing trophies, here to learn, or just taking a well-earned break from your working lives, we do our utmost to ensure you go home with bunch of happy memories.

After 6 years guiding on the White River system _ and many many smiling customers from outright novices through to seasoned industry experts, we know how to deliver a fun day on the water. We work incredibly hard to make each guide trip so relaxed: from the hours on the water in all weathers and conditions, time spent at the vice and on-water proving patterns, refinement of our lunch menus everything we need to have right for you to maximise the enjoyment of your valuable fishing time.

Steve’s been in the people game for 24 years, but it hasn’t dulled his enthusiasm nor his ability to listen as well as converse, nor his ability to read people. He has learnt how teach those that want to learn, how to fuel those that want to fish with intensity, and how to relax those that want peace and quiet.

And one saying you are probably going to hear is sorry doesn’t exist _ tangles, fouls, wind knots are part and parcel of the day, send a good one in his direction for correction and your likely to hear a burst of laughter, there’s no grouching here. Relax, laugh too, take in the glorious views and enjoy the moment.

We offer both wade and guide trips according to generation schedules, your desires, fitness, experience and the fishing available at that time. With 40-odd miles of the White to play on and ever-changing water conditions we try to be as flexible as possible.

Our first choice guide boat is a Mercury 4-stroke powered Supreme 2000 riverboat, ideal for most conditions on the White. It is the perfect platform for 2 fly fishers on high or low water, stable and comfortable, with padded swivel seats, rod trays to protect your valuable equipment and dry storage for your gear.

We also offer drift boat floats by arrangement on the White, either a Hyde or Clackacraft, particularly good for streamer fishing on the higher flows.








Full Day ( 1 or 2 people): $350.

Half Day (1 or 2 people): $275.

 Add $75 for 3 people. We don’t reccomend 3 person boat trips but we can accomodate 3 on wading trips only.

DRY RUN CREEK (Under 16s Only)

Full Day (1 or 2 people): $300. 

Half Day (1 or 2 people): $200.

 Cancellation Policy:    A deposit of $175 per day will be charged up front for booked guide trips.
Deposit will be refunded if cancellation is done more than 14 days out from the scheduled trip. Since life happens at short notice we will forward the deposit to another date if you rebook your trip within 30 days.

Weather Policy: Fly Fishing is an outdoor activity that moves with the cycles of nature. We fish rain or shine, within normal limits, after all the fish aren’t going to get any wetter, and often the best fishing can come on some of the bleakest days.

However we really don’t fancy getting grilled by lightning, or having a Dorothy moment in tornado season, so this can prompt postponement, rescheduling or even cancellation and a refund. Safety is paramount.