Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service

Guide Trip Checklist


Our full day trips normally run a minimum of 8 hours, half days a minimum of 4 hours. Clock-watching isn’t part of the deal. Normally all our trips start from the Mountain River Fly Shop at 8am. Directions to the Store here. We will work with your requirements, whether your grabbing an afternoon session after morning meetings, or need an early finish.

Bring your own favorite rods or use ours. We provide a selection of Sage, or TFO rods to suit the conditions. Reels by Sage and Ross, flylines by Rio and Scientific Anglers.

We provide lunches and sodas or tea and water on all full day trips. Our lunches vary according to season and taste, but generally it will include cold meats, some good bread, and sides.  Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements, or preferences.  


RODS: Pack your favorite or use ours at no extra charge. Generally for the White an 8’6″ or 9′ 5wt is an approiate choice. But similar length 3wts to 6wts can work. Lighter rods are fun on low water, in high water conditions a heavier rod for streamer fishing can be a good choice. If you have questions just ask, and there is no problems with you bringing a choice of rods to suit.

If you are looking at a new rod purchase, we can often arrange a demo rod for you to fish through Mountain River. Find out how your prospective purchase performs under real conditions.

FLYLINES: Generally a WF floater is going to work for the styles of fishing most often pursued.

For high water streamer fishing, we prefer 15′ or better yet 24′ Sink tips over shorter tips. Full sink lines matched to your rod also perform well. Sink rates vary according go flow rates, but a type 4 is a good starting point for Norfork or the White.

FLIES: We carry all the necessary patterns for any given day’s fishing. Some are widely commercially available, others are local specialities, and many Steve has developed over his time on the White River system.

WADERS & OUTERWEAR: Breathable waders are our preference, preferably without leaks. You will need felt, or better yet, “sticky rubber” soled boots. Cleats should be not worn on boat trips, but if you have no other option let us know and we can make arrangements. Bring a light wind waterproof jacket in spring, summer and fall. Our tailwaters provide a cooler micro-climate in these months which can produce some chill, especially travelling in the riverboat.

CLOTHING: For wade trips wear weather appropriate clothing from the waist up. “Technical fishing” shirts are often preferred for their sun protection but not a must have. From the waist down remember you are going to be standing for several hours in 50 degree water. Thermal or fleece undergarments outperform cotton (don’t wear jeans). Wool socks will keep your toes toasty.

For boat trips waders or special clothing isn’t necessary. But we often find waders can cut the windchill during the cooler month and will keep you dry from rain showers. We do have storage space if you need to shed layers.

SUNSCREEN, HAT AND GLASSES: For your safety and comfort we emphasise the need for a hat and polarised sunglasses or prescription glasses be worn on all guide trips and bring your preferred choice of sunscreen. In winter add a warmer hat, neck gaiter or scarf and gloves.