Steve Dally's White River Fly Fishing Guide Service



Great shots, thanks!  The boys will love ’em.  We sat quiet in the airport restaurant yesterday afternoon, everyone tired and worn out.  After a minute, Kevin pipes up, “So….when we coming back?”  Look forward to doing it again soon, thanks so much for driving our asses around the river, really enjoyed ourselves.


 John B. Boatwright, Jr


Hi Steve,

 Just wanted to send a quick Hello and a big THANK YOU for the guided trip at Bull Shoals on 9/24 with my Dad and I. It was great to meet you and learn more about fly fishing. I really enjoyed catching those rainbows and appreciate your patience and encouragement. Thanks too for posting my picture on the Mountain River Journal – that was a nice treat to see upon my return to work this morning!

 Best of luck to you!

 Warm Regards,

Kim Wilkey, Houston Tx.




Hi Steve nice pics! We really had a great day on the White. My brother Ronnie Comer and I went to the Norfork the last two days we were there and just slayed them. Thanks for the info on that river.You can use any or all of the pics. as long as I get top billing! Ha! My last name is Weindorf and I think you know my first. Thanks again and look forward to another day on the water with you!

  Gday Mate! Ron Weindorf, Tx.


I want to thank you for a wonderful trip on Saturday. That was a great experience for me as I have only had a guide once before. All Tandy and I talked about on the way home was how good you are at guiding. Even though your are new to the river you accomplished every thing we wanted. Avoided the crowds, put us on the fish, had some wading time and great boat work. We are going to make fishing with you a regular thing and will try to make several trips in the next few months.
Again thanks Mate and I will be calling soon.
Bob Stark, Tulsa Ok



The fishing experiences continue to be outstanding! The knowledge gained each time is due to your experience and patience. The surrounding beauty along w/ the great fun and laughs are priceless. Looking forward to a great year on the river .

K. Elliott. Okla. City, Okla.

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