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“Drift” Trailer, a Confluence Films Production

Bec and I fly out Saturday to Denver for the annual industry “bum struggle” _ thank my father for the colorful Aussie colloquialism _ the Fly Fishing Retailer show.

Sorry to those who I had to put off this weekend but I’m back on deck Thursday. I’ll be checking emails and so on, hopefully even blogging some posts, but between Flylife and Mountain River duties, its a hectic few days, tantalisingly close to all the new stuff you want to try out, and a big hunk of great water I’ve never fished.

One of those events we will be attending is the premier of our mate Jim Klug’s latest venture _ he’s a bit like Davy Wotton only bigger, both of them have done just about everything possible in the industry.
Anyway I digress, Drift looks to be a fantastic movie and the premiere should be a lot of fun.
Might have to wear my fancy fishing shirt that night

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